How HCG Diet Works: Scientific Perspective

HCG diet works very simply. It reduces your hunger and will make you enter, into the starvation mode. This helps, to reduce fat of the body and take you to the place of weight loss. The 1500 doctors of American Society, has been focused on the treatment of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) patients and clearly said that “Using HCG method for weight loss is not recommended”.


What are the doctors, point of views to say it’s not recommendable to reduce weight?

Doctor’s point of views are listed as below:-

  • HCG naturally took place in the pregnancy time of women and it’s used in the treatment of an endocrine disorder for man. Also, doctors suggested clearly, it is not used in any other manner or to reduce weight
  • They are happy to say that HCG method works to reduce weight, but it’s not safe because it’s a method where the dieter, not get the required nutrients to his or her body.
  • Many people lost weight by using HCG method but later after diet regained their weight more than they had before.
  • Every 4 persons, out of 5 persons regained the weight more than they had before.
  • Without sufficient food, nerves will become weak and also muscle loses its strength because the body will not get the required proteins and vitamins due to not having proper food.

Why will weight regain more than before after HCG diet?

Regain of weight will take place more than before because the body cannot sustain calories of 500 for the whole day. It does not have sufficient protein to tolerate the weight of the muscle. When the body loses its muscle strength, metabolism slows down and when calories are added later after diet, the metabolism, which is in resting state will be lower than previous body state. So the body will regain weight more than before.

Why many people use still HCG method to reduce their weight?

  • Most of the people still use the HCG method to reduce the weight because it’s the fastest way to reduce weight than any other methods.
  • People don’t have time to do exercise and also not ready to do hard work to reduce their weight, that’s what they choose HCG method.
  • By doing exercise and reducing weight will take more time and people don’t have that much patience to wait, this is also one of the reasons to go for HCG method.
  • Also many people not aware of the disadvantages of the HCG method. Even they don’t know the full form of HCG and what does it mean?

By considering, the whole viewpoints of doctors, it clearly says that using HCG method to reduce their weight is not recommendable and it’s very dangerous too because blood circulation in the heart makes variations by using HCG drops and sometimes it causes heart attack too. So people should think and have to take a decision that they want to lose weight in a fast way in a risky manner or to reduce weight in a slow way but with the safest method. So go for normal exercise method, to reduce your weight without any risk, in your life and move in the path of a happy and healthy life.